Last Post

   Hi guys this is going to be my last post ever:(. I have officially posted 102 posts. I will be deleting my blog in July so this is the last month that my blog will be up. My school ends Tuesday and Monday is my birthday so i can’t wait! I will miss you guys.


Genius Hour

In class we are doing something called Genius Hour. it started at Google. I is also called 20% time. In Genius Hour you do something to help make the world more awesome. For genius hour I am doing a project on how to make buns (in your hair). Me and my friend Claire are doing a step by step presentation on how to do them. Some people in my class are doing stuff like raising money to get toys for dogs that are in shelters. Some people are even starting YouTube channels to show people how to do stuff like Mine-craft. At google the people get about 20% of there work time to do whatever they want to do. Without Genius Hour we would not have Gmail or some other stuff like that. In school my teacher gives us about 45 minutes every other day to work on it. We have been working on it ever since we finished the SOL 2 weeks ago. Genius hour is so much fun because we get to do a lot of survey and talk to people during class without getting in trouble! When we first started we had to do a lot of writing in our notebooks about what we are supposed to do.

This Journal Belongs to Ratchet-Character Analysis

I am reading a book called This Journal Belongs to Ratchet for book club. In this clues that the main character(Ratchet) likes this boy named Hunter. Also from what i’ve read  so far Hunter likes her. She teaches the Go-cart class that Hunter is in. One day one of the boys comments that he is hogging Ratchet.  After that all the other boys in the class say “ohh”. Also in this book Ratchet is very sneaky. She did 2 things that to me that seen very sneaky. The first thing that she did was so keep sneaking off to Hunters house for the Go-cart class even after her dad said not to. Another thing that she did was she kept looking for a secret box that her dad doesn’t want her to see even. When she finally opened the box, she found a lot of pictures of her mom. Throughout the story she finds out that her dumped her, It was really sad. She stops trying to wish that she was more like her mom. She end up saving a park when she writes a paper a Hunter submits it for the newspaper. I think that everyone should read this book. (more…)


I hate to be cold. I love when I have bonfires outside with everyone I know. They are so much fun. I love somores and warm marshmellows. Theey taste so good. The only thing I don’t like about bonfires is that they smell really bad. I wish they sold wood that dose not smell. i can not wait till the next bonfire. I really don’t know what to talk about now so bye!


Apolagy Poem

I’m sorry Ms.Haseltine

i’m sorry i’m so loud

I will try

to be more quiet


I know that

you have had enough

with all my sounds

and all my noises


You will have

to deal with it  though

i’m just

like that



This is a silly random blog post:

0,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Beep!!! As I hear the starting clock beep I get really nervous. It is the summer olympics of 2020. Right now I am swimming 1,000 meters of freestyle. Well let me introduce my self. My name is Alex Veloce and I have been swimming since I was 2 years old. Swimming is my LIFE!!!!! This is my first year at the Olympics and I am 16 years old. I remember my first competitive swimming class when I was in 2nd grade. Back then I used to think that swimming is a waste of time. I still thank my parents everyday for signing me up. I love the feel of being in the water. The race is just started. Oh no, please tell me that was not a false start. As my heart races faster than I am swimming I tell myself to just keep going.  In the last lap my heart stops. I don’t have any energy to go on. The only thing I can think about is winning.As I look up at the scoreboard my heart stops. No, I got second place. My coach tells me that its just a race and that everybody loses at least once. My 7 year old sister tells me 1st is the worst and that 2nd is the best. They both helped me but still I feel sad and angry inside me. If I could just swim faster. I will win next time!!!!!


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